DIY Hack For Painting wood beads


Most of us who are craft and DIY addicts know these raw wood beads and love them well. These beauties are perfect for so many craft projects. Bead garlands, handmade jewelry and as accessories in many macramé projects, for instance. Now, you can certainly log onto Amazon or walk into any craft store and find a wide range of these beads in any color or stain, the problem is that they can get pricey! If you have been here long you know that I am a huge fan of getting things done on the cheap so I don’t often buy anything but the raw beads and then I paint or stain them myself.

A Few Reasons to Paint Your Own Beads

  • It makes matching the beads to the exact color or stain I need for my project possible and easy.
  • I can make only as many beads as I need (so I don’t pay for a huge excess of colored beads that I don’t need).
  • I can order raw beads in massive bulk for pretty cheap (and you can never have too many raw beads)
  • Painting beads is super easy
  • Buying colored beads means you only get a limited supply. So you usually end up with too few or too many.
  • Oh, did I mention that I SAVE TONS OF MONEY?!

This hack is an awesome way to easily paint those beads with zero mess.

You Will Need A Few Basic Supplies

  • Raw beads (like I said, you can buy these in bulk and there are a lot of different sizes).
  • Craft paint brushes (these work really well) that your beads can fit onto the handle of snugly.
  • Your favorite paint or wood stain.
  • A small craft brush for painting your beads.
  • Several ribbon or twine spools with holes (this is a great reason to keep all of those empty ribbon spools).

Make sure your raw bead is clean of dust and secure it snugly to the handle of your craft brush. Your brush handles WILL get paint on them. You can wash it off easily or if you are like me, just leave it. Once the bead is snug, you can easily paint it without getting paint everywhere. Nice and clean and easy!

Here is where those handy spools come into play! Paint your bead and then slide the paint brush (brush side down) into the hole of the spool to allow it to dry. I am usually able to get about 3-5 brushes with painted beads into each spool. The raw wood beads dry pretty quickly which makes painting a lot of beads in a small amount of time possible.

In about 30 minutes I am able to get around 100 beads painted! Seriously, it’s so fast and easy. As a quick side note, my favorite paint to use on raw wood is Fusion Mineral Paint (it’s so good)! I love to get these little sample sizes to use for my bead painting projects, but you can use any paint.

I like to sort my painted beads by color and size in zip lock sandwich baggies. As a result of sorting them. it is easier to find the colors and sizes I want for my projects. Once I have all of them separated into baggies, I store them in plastic containers that stack perfectly on a book shelf in my workshop! I got most of my containers at The Dollar Tree!

Quick Tutorial Video

Super simple DIY Hack for Painting Wood Craft Beads

I hope this simple hack helps to inspire you to create all of your bead projects more quickly and easily and on a budget! If you use this hack, I would love for you to share with me how it goes! You can leave a comment below or tag me on Instagram @my.charmed.cottage .

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