DIY Boho Basket


The fiddle leaf fig trees have been super popular in all of the home d├ęcor magazines lately. Every time I come across a photo, I pine for one of my own. I’d love to have a real one, but I am sorely lacking a green thumb and they are just too much money for me to risk killing it in a matter of weeks. When I came across this beauty (a faux version) on Amazon I decided it was time. I ordered her and she arrived in a matter of days! When she got here, the little pot that she is in could barely hold her up (and it was not cute). I headed out to the thrift store and found this perfect basket for $3! Almost everything I paint ends up being some shade of white, and this basket was going to be white too (it needs to fit in with the rest of my house) but I also wanted to try something a little different with it. I have a massive collection of craft beads so I wanted to use them somehow and this is what I came up with! I love how it turned out.

My thrift store basket was a little rough when it first came home, but after a good cleaning, it was ready for a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in GODDESS ASHWAGANGHA (a very creamy white). I was very sparing with the paint and I intentionally left a few spots bare. I wanted a slightly chippy looking finish.

Before the paint was dry I grabbed a lint free cloth and rubbed several spots to give the paint a worn look. Next I grabbed a 60 grit sanding block and sanded away at several areas. I actually could not find my 60 grit block so I took one of the 60 grit pads for my orbital sander and wrapped it around a block I could find and used that. This completed the chippy, worn look I was going for.

Next, I heated up my glue gun and dug out a roll of crafting lace. (Fun side note, this glue gun was my grandma’s. She was the most crafty person I have ever known and she was a huge inspiration for me on my journey into DIY projects. When she passed away, I made sure I got a bunch of her crafting stuff. I think of her every time I use this glue gun.) Okay, so once that is heated up, I hot glued a string of craft lace along the top rim of the basket.

I wanted to add a string of craft beads to create a beautiful Boho vibe but I wanted them to have a pop of color, so I painted them in two shades of blue. Check out my super easy hack for painting wood beads. Next, I picked a pattern I liked and strung the painted beads into a string of jute twine. (* tip: to make stringing the beads MUCH easier, I wrap a tiny piece of painters tape on the end of the twine. This prevents the twine from fraying and helps stringing the beads go by much faster).

Once my string of beads was long enough, I used a piece of painter’s tape to hold one end of the string in place while I began draping the beads along the top of the basket just under my lace boarder. To hold the string in place, I cut a small piece of twine and taped both ends. I fed both ends of the small piece of twine through the slots in the basket, securing my beaded string and tied a secure knot inside of the basket. I continued this two more times around the basket until I had the look I wanted.

I left a few beads to hang down in the front of the basket and added a bit of scrap lace and burlap I had in my craft drawer. Once I secured the ends of the beaded twine with thick knots, I cut off the excess twine and called it done! This basket ended up being so perfect for my new fiddle leaf fig tree and I love the touch of Boho and small pop of color that it adds to my bedroom. What do you think?

Do you love the Boho trend? Let me know in the comments below. I feel like it adds such a cozy vibe to any space. I definitely feel like I need to tackle few more Boho inspired DIY projects. Let me know if you try this one and how it turns out for you! You can also tag me on Instagram @my.charmed.cottage I would love to see your projects!

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