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With September just around the corner, I find myself desperately excited for Fall and everything it brings. The cooler temperatures (although I definitely love the Summer, heat and I are not good buddies), the warm colors, cozy knit blankets and cuddling by the fireplace. You know, all of the yummy Fall things. Here in Colorado, Fall tends to come and go so quickly that if you aren’t paying attention it can zip right by before you realize it. Because it is my favorite season of all, I want to soak up every minute of it. So, even when the temperatures are still in the nineties outside, It is beginning to look a lot like Autumn in my home. This DIY fall pumpkin floral succulent centerpiece is the perfect project to bring a bit of Autumn inside.

Recently, I saw an adorable pumpkin centerpiece overflowing with florals and succulents and decided I wanted to try to make one for myself. Here’s how I did it on the cheap. Most of these materials can be found at Walmart or any craft store. Amazon also carries them if you would prefer to order online. I have provided affiliate links for everything.

DIY fall pumpkin floral and succulent centerpiece. Getting started.

Getting Started on Your Pumpkin Centerpiece

Finding just the right pumpkin was the first goal. I knew my centerpiece would be going on my living room coffee table so I didn’t want it to be too big. A medium sized pumpkin, on the round side, was perfect. I also knew I was going to be painting the pumpkin, so I wasn’t very concerned about color. What I knew I did want was a cheap styrofoam pumpkin that would easily hold the floral and succulent picks.

DIY Fall pumpkin floral and succulent centerpiece.

Once I found the one I wanted, I took a box cutter and cut the top of the pumpkin off much like you would a real pumpkin before carving it in order to clean the seeds out.

DIY Fall pumpkin floral and succulent centerpiece. Painting the pumpkin.

I set the top aside (I have other projects I will be using that for later). Once, the top was off, I painted the pumpkin using Fusion Mineral Paint “Damask”. I love this color for Fall. It is such a soft and subtle mauve/taupe color that still looks natural on a pumpkin.

In order to keep the color looking as natural as possible, I painted in sections. Before the paint could dry, I took a lint free cloth and dabbed the paint away from random areas. This helps to create a non- uniform look. I repeated this process over the whole pumpkin until it had the look I wanted.

DIY Fall pumpkin floral and succulent centerpiece. Choosing floral and succulent picks.

Gathering Faux Florals & Succulents For Your Pumpkin Centerpiece

While the pumpkin was drying, I gathered the faux florals and succulents that I had picked out for this project. For the florals, I grabbed a few bundles and clipped the flowers I wanted to use, leaving enough of the wire stem attached to push into the styrofoam. Here are a few similar florals and succulents to the ones I used.

DIY Fall pumpkin floral and succulent centerpiece. Arranging the picks

Creating the Arrangement for Your Pumpkin Centerpiece

Arranging the picks is the fun part. Working with faux floral picks is super easy. It usually takes me quite a bit of trial and error to get an arrangement to look the way I want it. With faux stems, I can put them in and out of the styrofoam without causing the flowers any damage, plus they stay exactly where I want them.

I love the way this one turned out. The colors and textures are perfect and I am in love with the neutral tones. This project is the perfect way to gradually ease into Autumn, gently bringing just a touch of Fall into your home without a full on commitment.

DIY Fall pumpkin floral and succulent centerpiece.

Are you decorating for Fall yet? When do you start to embrace the season? Have you tried this simple DIY or something similar? I would love to know how it went for you. You can leave a comment in the box below. You can also connect with me on Instagram and tag me in your Pumpkin Centerpiece photos @my.charmed.cottage . I look forward to hearing from you.

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