DIY Thrifted octobers quote sign

wall of books behind a living room sofa and pillows and an Octobers quote sign.

Here is a quick rundown of how I made my very own DIY thrifted Octobers quote sign- and you can too! Raise your hand if you have seen some version of this Anne of Green Gables quote sign at least five million times before! I know, I know. This sign isn’t anything new. This is one of my favorite quotes and I have been wanting one of these signs for several years. Here’s the hold up for me, it’s one of those things that can really only be displayed for one month. Because of that, I can never make myself go for it and spend the money.

This year I decided I really needed this in my life so I made it myself. I’ll be honest, it was intimidating and it took several layers of paint. I messed this up more times than I want to admit. In the end, though, it is nowhere near perfect but I kind of LOVE it! The best part is that it cost me the price of an old canvas painting at goodwill ($4.99).

taped canvas print and black spray paint.


The first step to creating my DIY thrifted Octobers quote sign was to find something to use as a canvas. If I bought one from an art store it would be way over my budget so I headed to goodwill. You guys, unless you are new here, it is no secret that goodwill is my JAM! Anytime I need something new for my home, goodwill is almost always my first stop. The reason is- people get rid of amazing things! Most of what you find there is going to be outdated, ugly or maybe even a bit ripped or broken. If you can see past that to the bones, though, there is treasure to be found in the potential.

I headed into goodwill to find something I could work with to create this thrifted Octobers sign. When I stumbled on this floral canvas I was so excited! The size was perfect, the frame was perfect and the price was… PERFECT!

black spray painted frame.


All I needed was a bit of painter’s tape and some paint to accomplish this DIY. A black frame was a must so I taped off the canvas and used my very favorite Behr spray paint. For a cheaper option, I also love the Rust-Oleum Chalked spray paint. I applied two quick coats and viola! I love the matte finish of this spray paint. There is no glossy shine so it doesn’t distract from the canvas. Plus, I’m just a really big fan of anything with a matte or chalky finish.

taped frame of a canvas print.

I removed the tape from the canvas when the frame dried and switched it up. This time I taped up the frame really well before mixing paint. I envisioned an old school chalkboard green for the background of my Octobers sign.

different shades of green paint.


In order to create the perfect color I wanted, I used two colors I already had on hand. Fusion Mineral Paint is probably my very favorite paint brand for furniture projects. I grabbed two favorites, Bayberry and Sacred Sage and mixed them together until I had something a bit more muted. I think in the end the ratio of Bayberry : Sacred Sage ended up being pretty close to 1:1. If you want a cheaper option, this Mountain Green chalk paint is perfect!

painting a canvas green.

Because Fusion Mineral Paint has such amazing coverage, it only took one coat of paint. Now, if I’m being honest, the finished product actually has closer to 3-4 coats of this green color. This was only because I messed up several times and had to paint over it.

A hand made sign with white paint pen.


The word “Octobers” was going to be the main focus of the canvas. I wanted to use the fancy lettering I had seen in some of my favorite versions of this sign. I used an inspiration photo I found on Pinterest and just free- handed it.

Now, can we just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that I am NOT someone who does hand lettering. I know several people who can do these amazing hand lettered signs like it’s nothing. I am a little bit jealous of those people because I am most certainly not one of them. This one simple word took me about an hour to accomplish- no joke.


When I look at this sign, a sense of pride swells inside of me because I feel like I kind of nailed it. I mean, I wont be doing this professionally any time soon, but as a one off, I think it turned out pretty sweet. All of that to say, if you too are not a hand lettering genius, you can totally do it. No one will ever know that it took you an hour to write eight letters (unless you tell them on your blog…)

After printing the rest of the quote, I made sure to size it right to fit on my canvas. I cut the print out down to size and taped it on the canvas where I wanted it. I took a sharp pencil and traced over the letters hard enough to leave an imprint underneath in the canvas. (A little tip- this technique is a little tricky on canvas, it works much better on wood. There was definitely a whole lot of potential for error here). On a wood surface, this technique is magic. On canvas, it takes a little more finesse. After taking the paper off, I placed my shop light directly above the canvas. I made sure it was shining down so the imprint I created was clear. I took my paint pen and traced over the imprinted letters.

wall of books, a sofa, orange pillows, pumpkins and an octobers quote sign.


Admittedly, if you look really close, you can see that things went a bit crooked. It is by no means perfection, but you guys, I really love how it turned out. The imperfection of it is actually kind of awesome. I really enjoy finding something I love and figuring out how to make it or replicate it myself. Seeing a favorite piece in my home and remembering what it looked like when I first found it, knowing that I shaped it or painted it or upholstered it and unearthed its beauty is so satisfying.

This DIY thrifted Octobers quote sign and all of its imperfection is for sure one of my favorite projects to date. What do you think? Do you have a DIY project that you have done that fills you with pride whenever you see it? Is this a DIY you might try? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you are more of a visual person, here is a quick tutorial video for this project.

Until next time, have an amazing day!

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